Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

Startup Founders and Cofounders

Our founder and cofounder communities are the ideal places for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to find startup cofounders, business partners and core team members. We provide valuable entrepreneurship resources and connections for high potential startup entrepreneurs to launch their thriving ventures. We are committed to organizing startup events and helping talented people find their cofounders with complementary skills as well as compatible personalities and goals to build their high-performing startups.

“Find Your Cofounder!” Event

Our regularly held cofounder mixer events give startup founders and cofounders face to face opportunities to meet large groups of entrepreneurs looking to join a startup or be joined on their venture. We have cofounder lunches, early stage founder parties and informal mingling events, with demos, lightning talks and cofounder pitches, in additional to the main startup ecosystems composed of online and onsite matchmaking services and resources.

Tech Seminars and Business Panels

We host and cohhost technology seminars and business panels for cofounders to promote innovations, as well as to share experiences and learn from each other. This provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to team up and work on the same projects and find the partners with the same vision. Our startup showcases will help creative people find new partners, projects and business opportunities, more importantly all kinds of funding events and activities for startup teams.

Entrepreneur Service Programs

We provide training classes and other educational programs to help potential cofounders to connect and build successful startup companies. Successful executives are invited to give presentations for like-minded entrepreneurs to fully benefit from the speed dating processes. Angel investors and incubators will offer valuable advices by addressing startup cofounder basics and go over major issues that can have implications on the startup’s chances of success.


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